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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!It's the year of the Rabbit,so I hope it gives me good luck in the new year!
Feliz Navidad y que tengan un buen Ano Nuevo!2011 va cer el ano del conejo!~
I sound Like a broken record.XD

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Well yesterday was my birthday, I was kind of sad in the morning, but later on it got better.It could have been much worse but thats alright, My belated birthday celebrations and 'oh shit sorry i forgot' are much cooler and awsome xD.

In more important news....I know Im late but this shit cracks me up....HARD... 

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So here is the 戦国BASARA batch of keychains.

My question to all of you is which seems like a better idea?
A Basara sticker set of couples?(Any couples)
Or, a Basara Daycare sticker set?(Chibi)
if so any ideas you'd like to share?
ALSO IS THERE A SENGOKU BASARA MEETUP FOR THE PMX??( just like to know , since at AX I never found it.XD)
Thank you for looking and if it's in demand (or if anyone asks), yes, we will open shop online.
Thank you!Hope to see You there at the PMX!

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